Callynn (cyloran) wrote in tv100,

Letters Challenge

Title: Brought to You By
Author: Cyloran
Fandom: Jeremiah
Characters: Kurdy, Mister Smith
Words: 100

"They're still at it," marveled Mister Smith as he handed Kurdy the canteen.

"Yeah." Though warm, the water was welcome. Baytown's council had been debating the Alliance's proposal for over nine hours and wasn't any nearer a decision. Out of the 12, the same 2 were always opposed. "Bert and Ernie still can't make up their minds."

"Bert and Ernie?" queried Smith, unfamiliar with the reference.

Kurdy nodded toward the offending councilmen. "Today's show is brought to you by the letter 'C' for clueless, and the number 5, because that's how many minutes they've got before I lose my patience."
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