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Smallville Drabble: written for tv100

Prompt: A Thin Line Between Love and Hate
Fandom: Smallville
Title: It's Just A Matter of Time
Word Count: 100 on the nose
Pairing: Clark/Lex 
Disclaimer: Don't own a thing
Rating: PG
Spoilers: None
For My Girl

It’s not easy.

Lex is helpless against all that beauty, that smile that’s just for him.

But those soft lips never answer his questions; the one’s that matter.

Clark is awed by Lex; his knowledge, sophistication, and all of that experience that undoes him.

But when those hands touch him, he hears the unspoken promise ‘Tell me what I want to know and I’ll love you forever.’

He longs too, but he knows that Lex wants power, maybe more than he loves Clark.

Lex knows Clark doesn’t trust him and it makes him bitter.

He’ll ruin everything.’ Each thinks sadly.

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