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Charlie's Angels: I Slipped I Stumbled I Fell (Jill/Maxine) (G) 2/100

Title: I Slipped I Stumbled I Fell
Fandom: Charlie’s Angels
Pairings: Jill/Maxine
Timeline: Angels In Chains—what can only be described as the campiest episode. And boy, did Maxine have it bad for Jill *g*
ficlets100's prompt: # 62 Inevitable and slashthedrabble’s #133 Elvis Presley Song Titles Challenge.
Claim table: here
Word Count: 100
Rating: G
Beta: Thanks to violettandblue for the fabulous beta.
Feedback: Is love and encouraged
Disclaimer: If I owned Charlie’s Angels, there would’ve been more hand holding, ass grabbing and shower/towel moments between the girls *g*
Note: Reposted as I have moved my fanfics to my writing comm notayoyo

It was inevitable that they would end up like this.
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